Herbal Medicine



Herbal Medicine

As part of a treatment plan I may suggest that you take herbal medicine. Golden Monkey has a number of preparation options to make it easy and affordable for you, and to be sure you get exactly the herbs you need.

Powdered granules allow me to hand-make herbal formulas for each person. They are very easy to prepare; just mix the powder in warm water and drink. Golden Monkey carries a large stock of both traditional formulas and individual herbs in granule form. With these I can mix the best possible herbal formula to meet each patient's specific needs. I carry Legendary Herb granules, which are prepared under very strict oversight in Taiwan. I trust this company to provide the highest standard of beneficial, safe products, tested for pesticide or heavy metal contamination.

Herbal formulas in tablet or pill form are very handy when a traditional formula is just right. Golden Monkey carries a number of very high quality herbal patent medicines, including Health Concerns and Golden Flower products. These are all made in the United States.

I also carry effective topical preparations made locally by Spring Wind Herbs, and a variety of other quality products.