Golden Monkey Acupuncture
(415) 377-1887

JoAnn W. Bennett, L.Ac.
(415) 377-1887

Welcome to Golden Monkey Acupuncture, the acupuncture, herbal medicine, and Traditional Chinese Medicine practice of JoAnn Wyman Bennett, L.Ac

(415) 377-1887

(415) 508-9334 fax

Specializing in internal medicine, menstrual disorders, fertility, pregnancy, post-partum care, and psychological disorders,

Golden Monkey is located in East-West Integrative Medicine, in the Glen Park neighborhood of San Francisco.

605 Chenery St., suite C

San Francisco, CA 94131

If you are interested in finding out about receiving home visits for postpartum mom's, please visit Golden Month MotherCare

Contact Joey by phone or email:
(415) 377-1887
Rates for Services:
Each session includes a full intake and assessment, followed by treatment with acupuncture. It may also include other modalities of treatment like Infrared heat, moxibustion, tui na massage, or electrostimulation at no extra cost if payed out-of-pocket. A session takes about 1 hour. The cost of herbs is not included.
Each session is $90, or you may pre-purchase a block of treatments at the following rates. Checks, Visa, Mastercard and cash are accepted.
One treatment:   $90.00
Five treatments: $810.00 ($81 each)
Ten treatments:  $720.00 ($72 each)
Your health insurance may cover acupuncture, and Joey is a network provider for most major insurance carriers.
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