Golden Monkey Acupuncture
(415) 377-1887

JoAnn W. Bennett, L.Ac.
(415) 377-1887

Welcome to Golden Monkey Acupuncture, the acupuncture, herbal medicine, and Traditional Chinese Medicine practice of JoAnn Wyman Bennett, L.Ac

(415) 377-1887

(415) 508-9334 fax

Specializing in internal medicine, menstrual disorders, fertility, pregnancy, post-partum care, and psychological disorders,

Golden Monkey is located in East-West Integrative Medicine, in the Glen Park neighborhood of San Francisco.

605 Chenery St., suite C

San Francisco, CA 94131

If you are interested in finding out about receiving home visits for postpartum mom's, please visit Golden Month MotherCare

Contact me by phone or email:
(415) 377-1887
Rates for Services:
Each session includes a full intake and assessment, followed by treatment with acupuncture. It may also include other modalities of treatment like Infrared heat, moxibustion, tui na massage, or electrostimulation at no extra cost. A session takes about 1 hour. The cost of herbs is not included.
Each session is $80, or you may pre-purchase a block of treatments at the following rates. Checks, Visa, Mastercard and cash are accepted.
One treatment:   $80.00
Five treatments: $360.00 ($72 each)
Ten treatments:  $640.00 ($64 each)
Your health insurance may cover acupuncture, and Joey is a network provider for most major insurance carriers.
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