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Herbal Medicine

As part of a treatment plan I may suggest that you take herbal medicine. Golden Monkey has a number of preparation options to make it easy and affordable for you, and to be sure you get exactly the herbs you need.

Powdered granules allow me to hand-make herbal formulas for each person. They are very easy to prepare; just mix the powder in warm water and drink. Golden Monkey carries a large stock of both traditional formulas and individual herbs in granule form. With these I can mix the best possible herbal formula to meet each patient's specific needs. I carry KPC granules, which are prepared under very strict oversight in Taiwan. I trust this company to provide the highest standard of beneficial, safe products, tested for pesticide or heavy metal contamination.

Herbal formulas in tablet or pill form are very handy when a traditional formula is just right. Golden Monkey carries a number of very high quality herbal patent medicines, including Health Concerns and Golden Flower products. These are all made in the United States.

Herbal Tinctures are an excellent way to ingest herbs with very high potency, or for administering herbs to children. I use KW Botanicals, of Marin County, and Kan Herbs, manufactured in Scotts Valley, CA.

I also carry effective topical preparations made locally by Spring Wind Herbs, and a variety of other quality products.

Neti Pots

If you suffer from nasal allergies or frequent congestion, I recommend regular use of a neti pot. Even if you are not an allergy sufferer, use of a neti pot can reduce your susceptibility to cold and flu virus' and keep your head clear. It is of great benefit to headache sufferers as well.

I sell beautiful neti pots at Golden Monkey, and encourage many of my patients to use them regularly.

How to use a neti pot

First mix your water. Use fresh, warm water. It should be a temperature that will be comfortable running through your nose; not too hot or too cold. Mix salt in the proportion of one teaspoon for one-half liter of water.  This makes an isotonic solution of 0.9%, and should be very soothing inside your nose. It is a good idea to measure it out the first few times you use your neti pot, but you will quickly learn to tell by taste if the proportions are right.

Position yourself at the sink, in the shower, or anywhere you can let water run freely.

Place the spout of the full neti pot up to one nostril, creating a seal. Leaning slightly forward from the waist, tip you head to the opposite side and breathe through your mouth. Allow the salt water to run through one nostril and out the other. You should not need to sniff to get the flow going, but it can be a little tricky the first time you try. Be patient. It is also a good idea to let a bit of the water run down into your mouth, and then spit it out, thus cleansing the back of your throat as well as the nasal passages. Allow about half the water in the neti pot to flow through, reserving the other half for the other side.

Before you switch sides, gently blow out through both nostrils to clear the nasal passages of water and mucus. Do not blow forcefully as you do not want to push water up into the sinuses.

Place the spout of the neti pot to the other nostril, and repeat the procedure going back the other way. If you are very congested, you can repeat the whole process again before drying the nose.

Next you must clear and dry the nose:  this is a very important step. First bend forward and allow the head to hang upside down  for 10-20 second to allow residual water to run from the nose. Then turn your head (still hanging) to the right and left, inhaling through the mouth and exhaling through the nose gently about 10 times in each position. Now stand up and breath moderately, exhaling a bit more strongly. If you have high blood pressure or get dizzy from doing this, drying should only be done standing upright. It is very important to clear all residual water from the nose. Repeat the drying process if necessary, and avoid laying down for about 1/2 hour after you use the neti pot.

Now you are done, and you should feel fresh and clear, and be breathing easily.

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